5 Minutes with Salt Design

Sam Holguin is the owner of Salt Design a web development agency helping e-commerce businesses. STC work closely with them in a strategic partnership.


5 minutes with sam from salt

5 minutes with Sam from Salt

What do you do?

Run Salt Web Design, a web development agency based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

What pain do you solve?

We simplify the process of designing and building websites that surpass our clients goals and objectives, providing them with a good ROI on their online marketing budget.

How could your services add value to someone who has already invested in animation?

Web development is forever evolving and the last 5 years has seen developers making more and more use of animation to further promote a message on their website. With that in mind, the message a client is delivering through an animated video can be integrated directly into their websites look and feel. This not only drives the message home, but it provides the client with a consistent set of marketing assets.

What do you like best about animation?

I have a background in animation after completing a Video Game Design degree were I specialised in animation, texturing and 3D modelling, so for me, it is an easy sell.
A good animation catches the imagination, more than traditional media in my opinion. There are no boundaries with animation. I say the same about video games, and web development, or coding in general, anything is possible.

The best piece of marketing advice you heard or can give?

Consistency is key.

Your Five Faves

1 Fave blog/website
2 Fave book
3 Fave podcast
4 Fave online video


5 Fave event - networking or otherwise
Friday mornings at Rev De Cuba

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