My 7 best Aardman animation moments

With the release of Early Man, here are my fave Aardman moments in recognition of our excitement to see the film. If you are a stop motion fan, show your support by getting to the cinemas in the opening weekend. I wish I could say I am going opening weekend, but I'm going next weekend! So there are no spoilers here- read on!


Sledgehammer music video

So cool and awesome and ahead if its time, would it have been a viral sensation if released today.


Nick park wins an Oscar 1994 for The Wrong Trousers

The Wrong Trousers is the best of all the Wallace and Gromit adventures. I remember watching this moment and realising that working as an animator was a possibility. At the time I was 13, and had thought; animating is fun, so surely you don’t get to do that for a living!! [little did I know!] I also always remembered the comedy bow tie he wore!


Shaun The Sheep Movie

This is a less obvious gem, the series is for kids, with no dialogue so I was jaded about what can the film offer. I was drawn in immediately to the farce story unfolding and loved the visual humour that is just so Aardman. I really took some inspiration as perhaps I have been relying on dialogue too much, nice to be reminded of the roots of filmmaking from the silent era.


The Wrong Trousers


The chase scene is just so awesome. Feathers McGraw is a great villain, and the story is just perfect. Need I say more!


Arthur Christmas

I love a christmas movie, so I hope that this becomes a christmas classic for many young’uns that they turn back to year on year. However, I fear I am in the minority, but the beauty of a christmas movie that it can grow in popularity every festive period. Ardman and Christmas had been synonymous until recent years, so I embrace this Christmas film.



I think the main reason I watched Hart Beat was to see Morph and of course, check if I was in this week’s gallery; alas it never happened- but I think I only tried once, talk about handling rejection! Morph was as funny as it was satisfying to see the liquidy morph of the clay as well as the joy of him being part of Tony Hart’s art materials and desk; really toying with my imagination and the limits of reality.  


Pib and Pob

I think Pib and Pob was the first time I had come across something that appeared to be for children, but was quite subversive and turned twee children’s material on its head. Not that uncommon now, but the twist surprised me back in ‘95. I was still a teenager then, I was aware that maybe it wasn’t socially acceptable for me to still be enjoying animation at that age. Pib and Pob were a refreshing example in just a handful of animations that was not primarily aimed at young children.


Of course animation for older audiences is commonplace now, but but then, just to remind you of the context, The Simpsons had only just started airing on terrestrial TV, and most people didn’t have Sky like we do now. Didn’t realise this blog was going to demonstrate to everyone just how old I am, so no more retrospective blogs.


Hope you enjoyed celebrating Aardman’s animated achievements and you enjoy Early Man! What are your favourite Aardman moments? If you enjoyed our 7 Aardman moments, perhaps you will enjoy our 7 point guide to stop motion? Sign up here! 

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