7 ways stop motion is better than live action

There can be little doubt that, today, #video #content plays an essential role in #marketing campaigns across all industries. However, when it comes to deciding which type of video content to use, it can be difficult to know how best to convey your message and engage with your audience.


Call us biased but, here at Seconds that Count Studios, we firmly believe that #stopmotion #animation offers a great alternative to CGI and live action – bringing your concepts and #products to life in a way that will excite and engage your audience.


So, here’s a run down of 7 ways that #stopmotion is better than live action…


  1. It’s bursting with unique charm


Stop motion has a unique charm of its own that, quite simply, can’t be replicated by any other type of #animation or live action filming techniques. This charm can really help brands to reinforce their identity and assert their values and ethos.

  1. You pay for what you get


Although it’s a common myth that #stopmotion #animation is expensive, it’s actually an economical and cost effective technique.


When working on stop motion projects, I animate exactly what is required on the first take, – nothing more and nothing less. This means that none of my hard work (or my clients’ money!) ends up left on the cutting room floor.


Live action filming, on the other hand, can be comparatively wasteful. After all, to produce a one minute film, you’d need to pay for a full days filming, most of which will end up being cut away as scrap footage. Whilst animation might require a five-day shoot for a minute of animation, every single hand crafted frame will be used in your finished film.


  1. You only need a small team


When it comes to stop motion productions, you only need a small, highly skilled team to complete the job to an incredibly high standard. So, depending upon the project, the most you’ll probably need is an animator, a director, lighting, a cameraman, an art director, a model maker, and a runner. There’s no need for several assistant directors and you certainly won’t find anyone with a clipboard in hand trying to look important!

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  1. It's ok to work with children and animals!


We’ve all heard the age -old saying, “never work with children or animals”. And, if you’ve ever tried to work with either (or, dare I say it, both!), you’ll understand why!

Stop motion is a great way to feature children or animals in your videos, without the stress or hassle of having to work with the real thing. It’s so much easier to deal with a want for nothing inanimate object!


  1. No stuffy talent


Apart from a voice over, when you’re producing a stop motion animation, there's no need to deal with expensive models or actors, meaning you can avoid the high fees and demands that they can bring!


Puppets and models might take time to make, but they can still work out cheaper than an actor, and with no time limit on license fees.

  1. You only need a small studio


Live action shoots require lots of space meaning that the costs involved are often more than double what you’d need to pay for the kind of space required for stop motion.


Here at Seconds That Count Studios, we work from a high table top, lighting and filming around it. This will allow you to save some of your budget on studio and equipment hire.

  1. Longevity


Of course, trends move on and technology evolves, but stop motion has a classically timeless sense about it, meaning that it doesn’t date as much as CGI or live action technologies.


After all, even if the actors in your ad look great and you feel that its generic in terms of fashion and style, it’s only natural that everything from the clothes and haircuts, through to the technology and products around them, will date with age. Stop motion, on the other hand, is far more timeless.


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