8 Reasons why Harryhausen’s great!

I recently watched a documentary, Ray Harryhausen: “Special Effects Titan” it was the best film on TV over the festive period. I enjoyed learning a few things about the father of stop motion and I was rather pleased to learn where our careers have had parallels. Please enjoy my trivia not only inspired by Ray but also by good old IMDB, I do enjoy reading their trivia no matter how tenuous.

Harryhousen Trivia

Kimmy Emson Trivia

Ray’s Dad was an engineer and developed and built the armatures

My Dad pretty much built my studio space and created my storage solutions

Ray’s Mum made the costumes for the puppets

My mum is an awesome knitter and she knitted this pig character for me.

Knitted Pig character brought to life in stop motion animation

Knitted Pig character brought to life

He wears many different hats in the production process.

Like Ray, I too wear many different hats by producing, animating and directing projects.

When Ray was 13, he saw King Kong and was very inspired to make his own films

When I was 13, I saw Nick Park win his Oscar for The Wrong Trousers, and I realised that people got paid to make animation- and then I was inspired to make animation.

Upon starting filmmaking, he couldn’t find someone to do camera work or model making, so he did it all himself.

I have a bank of skilled freelancers I work with who are great at camera work and others who are great at model making when the project requires it.

If a person hears “animation” they think cartoon, so Ray developed his own term to describe the action in the films he was making “dynamation”

Yes, I often wondering about describing my work as stop motion verses social videos.

The octopus in “It came from beneath the sea” only had 6 legs because of budget constraints

In Monsters Inc, the Sushi restaurant is named Harryhausen’s after Ray.


I am always creative problem solving when working with challenging budgets

When I worked on Disney’s Frankenweenie, many crew members’ names were used as brand products throughout the movie, however, my name was not selected. Boo! *insert sad emoji

Ray worked out the matt paint process himself.

Stop Motion legend Ray Harryhausen's matt paint technique

Ray Harryhausen's matt paint technique

I often edit the finished animation whether that be green screen or roto painting in After Effects.

Trivia conclusion:

Ray is of course so cool. Kimmy Emson has a long way to go!

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