8 ways to use stop motion

When it comes to creating a successful #marketing or #advertising campaign, there are a whole host of things to think about.

But it’s safe to say that the most important factor in any campaign is the concept. After all, the concept is what makes a great campaign! In order to deliver optimum results, your concept must reach out to your target audience, highlight your USPs, portray your brand image, and optimise impact.

Then, once you’ve perfected your concept, it’s time to choose a medium that suits it – and stop motion should certainly be on your shortlist.

Here are just 8 ways to use stop motion to bring your concept and products to life…

  1. Food


Bringing #food to life using #stopmotion is simple and incredibly effective…and the possibilities really are endless!


The stop motion #animation can be made using real food or models, typically crafted from silicone and latex, and can be filmed either on set or in rostrum style (using an overhead camera to create a plan view).


We believe that something as natural as food should be filmed to look as realistic as possible and stop motion is a great way to achieve this!


  1. Health


Handmade and wholesome are concepts that go hand in hand - so stop motion is often used to promote a wide range of health foods.


And it doesn’t have to stop there, all manner of other health and fitness products can be brought to life with stop motion, including supplements, vitamins, fitness equipment, and more.


  1. Clothes


With the help of stop motion, #shoes and #clothing can be brought to life without the need for models or actors. Often filmed in a rostrum style, this is a great way to promote your clothes or shoes, without using a false looking, computer generated image that doesn’t effectively convey the true look of the product.


Stop motion can also be particularly useful if your products are for children – allowing you to avoid the difficulties that often come hand in hand with of working with children. After all, you know what they say, never work with children or animals!



  1. Beauty


Next up, beauty #products. Many #beauty products now promote natural ingredients, so a hand made animation can be a great way to convey a natural, #handcrafted feel and embrace the spirit of the brand, whilst capturing your audiences’ attention and imagination.


  1. Ethics


Much like promoting wholesome or natural products, hand made animation is also a great way for brands to talk about and address ethical issues, such as responsible sourcing and farming.


More and more #companies and #brands are highlighting the ways in which they aim to work responsibly and reduce their impact on environment –the medium of stop motion is incredibly effective when it comes to telling these ethically-focussed stories.


  1. Furniture


Stop motion is a versatile and diverse medium that really has not limits. So, just because a product is on the larger size, it does not mean that it's not appropriate for stop motion – far from it! We can scale everything up to accommodate products of all different shapes and sizes, including furniture.


From chairs and sofas, through to accessories, tables, and beds, animating your furniture products is a great way to bring them to life and engage your audience.


  1. Cars


Why stop at furniture? Let’s go even bigger and use stop motion to animate a car!


This versatile medium will allow us to cut into the vehicle and show off all of its features, whilst enabling us to get the car to perform in any way you’d like it to.


  1. Instagram


Instagram goes hand in hand with stop motion videos – it’s the perfect medium for the platform as, not only does it provide engaging, exciting video content, but it can also loop creatively and effectively in order to reaffirm the brand’s message.


If your campaign involves Instagram, make sure stop motion is on your agenda! Did you enjoyed this count down? Check out our 7 point guide to stop motion here!


If you require any further information about ways to use stop motion, please get in touch – we’re always happy to help!

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