Animated Team Away Days

Whatever your ideas about team away days, we have the potential for something different that may break your preconceptions.

STC is teaming up with Creative engagement. To combine a strategic planning day with the experience of making your own stop motion animation. Well that's what we have the potential to do, if you guys out there are interested.

We all know it's important to do some strategic planning, to keep the business moving forward and adapting. And not just any plan, a plan that involves team members, involving them in sharing ideas as well as implementing the strategy.

But what if you and your team could create the plan and then create an animation to explain the plan? You make the animation yourself and have the animation to use how you like! You could use the animation as part of your internal comms for delivering the message to even more team members.

Creative engagement will facilitate your planning tailored to your needs and help you form that into a narrative. Whilst STC studios will help you create characters and art work and show you how to bring them to life using stop motion techniques and filming equipment and software. Completely designed for first time animators!

This has the potential to be a great day out of the office, a great team builder as well as enjoying the satisfying experience of creating an animation. The kind of day that will engage your team and leaving them talking about the experience long afterwards. You’ve seen the escape rooms, maybe the next experience is Stop Motion in a day!

But first we need your help. Please complete our survey, and tell us about your preferences for team away days and strategic planning. If this sounds like your thing, but you would change this or that about it, then tell us your thoughts!!

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