Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Which Roald Dahl book would you like to see adapted for tv or film? On Roald Dahl day, I would love to countdown which books I would most like to see animated!

Today is my Birthday and I have the best birthday twin in Roald Dahl.

So incase you didn’t know the day isn’t named after him randomly, today is his birthday!! Who is your celebrity birthday twin?

5 The Gremlins

Hard to believe that this was Dahl’s first children’s book. Disney was interested in making it into a live action with animation film like Mary Poppins, however, it got dropped from production. Disney and Dahl collaborating? Sounds like the dream creative combo, a combo that I’m sure many fans still welcome.

4 The Wonderful story of Henry Sugar and 6 more

As this is a series of short stories, how wonderful would it be to have this as an animated TV series, on early Sunday evenings to watch after you've eaten your roast dinner with the rest of the family. With the adults and the kids enjoying it all just as much as each other. Each film could have a unique style of its own, opening the opportunities for new collaborations, one would o course have to be using stop motion techniques!

3 The Magic Finger

One of the darker ones that is often overlooked, however we had a copy so I had read this one a lot, it could even have been the first one I read. The version we had was not illustrated by Quentin Blake, so it seemed to stick out to me for a few reasons, as an odd little book. Probably quite a topical book because of the hunting theme *spoiler alert*, and it doesn’t end well for the hunting fans. When I was young, another thing I remember that I thought most weird about this book, was that it was written in the first person, and the illustrations suggested that this person was as girl, when I was sure that Roald Dahl was a boy! So I must have been pretty young to let that confuse me, as I clearly I believed it was a true story!!

2 Georges Marvellous Medicine

Such a great fun book, why has this not already been made into a cartoon!? The character of Grandma could be imagined in a way no casting within live action could deliver. And perhaps George’s recipe can be palleted better in an animated form! I’m sure none of us went to this extremes with our Grandparents, but how often did you find it a bit boring to hang out with your Grandparents on schools holidays? I know I did, I reckon Dahl understood that.

1 The Twits

This book is bonkers crazy imaginative, that would surely translate best as an animated film. Why has this not been done yet? To see Muggle Wump and the Rolly Polly Bird would be brilliant as well as beholding the nastiest bad guys ever; Mr and Mrs Twit! There was a gruesome element to them that I think would suit the style of stop motion. I can envisage the theatrical spectacle of the Rolly Polly Bird in stop motion puppetry completely.

Which of his glorious books would you like to see animated?

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