Choice of multiples of either bronze, silver, gold or a bespoke platinum package.

We learn everything about your brand, your project goals and needs, through our questionnaire. Followed by a 15 minute phone consultation.
Once we know all about you, we put some concepts together designed to reach your goals. They will show you the ideas as well as the look and feel of the animations.
Contracts are signed and first payment now due.
Once we have your commitment, we produce the storyboards for you approval with a round of amends.
Depending upon your project requirements, we will make assets, sets, props and puppets, anything that needs to be made, will be made ahead of the start of the shoot. Photographs of the assets can be sent for approval.
We light the set bespoke to each project, to show your product in the best light.
Shooting begins, where we bring the concept to life!
Those individual photos need to be brought together into movie sequences, for your approval and one round of edit amends.
Completed in line with your brands architecture, along with voice over if needs be.
Versions for each preferred platform delivered to you or your preferred marketer.
Animation content will be planned as part of a larger marketing strategy.