Saucy Fish- Stop motion food animation in the Sea

Another #stopmotion #animation shoot with The Neighbourhood. And another stop motion #food #shoot! Food works so well when animated in a #stopmotion style, the audience engages as there is an emotional connection between watching something so very clearly hand made and ethical, healthy food #production.

Packets of fish animated as if the wave of the sea!

How we did it

This stop motion #animator was very happy to work together with an animation assistant, as it looks quite simple, but it was in fact quite time consuming. Unfortunately the food stylist had a long wait until the waves of the sea had finished. #Filming was completed in a day, with returning the next day to break the set down and return it as we found it, which is an important part of hiring #studios, and we are grateful that the studio agreed we could return in the morning, that way to load all the gear back up into our cars after a good nights sleep!

We worked over at Purple Crew studio with their perfect animation sized space and lovely motion control rig to film #rostrum style at the Pie Factory, which is right next to Media City, and yes it did in fact used to be a Pie Factory! You can still see evidence of such things outside the building!

The project was actually #sponsorship #bumpers for a #TV series on a food related digital package channel. So we were able to make 4 different variations for the different flavours all with the same sea opening.

The result is a fluid rhythmic #stopmotion #food #animation! Get in touch for help with your next stop motion project!

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