We’re proud supporters of All Animated

Seconds That Count Studios are proud supporters of All Animated. All Animated is a new membership and networking organisation for all involved in animation. A network like this needs the backing of local animation studios to help make it grow, and Seconds That Count believe the group will be shaped by those most proactive members. It is also very exciting to be involved in engaging groups like this from the early days.

So what is All Animated?

In short it is a community for animators based in the North, who want to help and represent ourselves in the animation world by using the internet to get out there and meet together. Members share work, discuss techniques, and debate relevant topics. All skill sets are welcome, from enthusiasts to students to professionals, and anyone who could contribute to the creation of animations. Character designers, writers, model makers, sound designers, general arty people, plus post production and games can come join us. Support each other to grow the animation business out side of London. Some of us might traditionally be competitors, but by coming together we are stronger to grow animation as a sector to be taken seriously.

The social aspect

Creative England

Creative England

The meetings are in Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds roughly every 2-3 months. This is with big thanks to our sponsors Creative England, University of Bradford and Imagine Animation Magazine. Seconds That Count’s own Kim Emson looks after the Manchester events. Whilst Steven Carter from Tiger Print looks after the Leeds events and Kath Shackleton of Fettle Animation looks after the Newcastle events. It’s really informal and just sociable, which is great for solo freelancers working from home, and those that work in dark rooms.

Don’t under estimate the importance of getting away from your desk. Do you sometimes find the family is giving you earache and not really understanding why your work takes so long? Is your work in the feast and famine cycle you are trying to overcome? Share with only those that can truly empathise and have a fun positive evening whilst doing it.

Want more?

AllAnimatedCatIn the future All Animated are going to be a bigger entity offering a whole lot more via a dynamic website linking members together and providing a one-stop portal into the exciting world of animation. Think Linked In with a twist of Shooting People but shaped uniquely for animators; no more tagging on to groups only vaguely related to animation.
Membership will be open as widely as possible to everyone interested in animation; animation and special effects companies and individuals. Discounts, special services, insight and more variety of events still to come, but all with animation in mind. All Animated are a not-for-profit organisation, run with the interests of animation at the heart of it, to help the animation sector grow to the important viable sector it should be; its not just for kids!!

Details of All Animated membership packages to be announced shortly when the new website goes live - meanwhile please sign up to receive our free e-newsletter at http://eepurl.com/pyRdj and hook up on our social media sites facebook.com/AllAnimated and Twitter. You can also email at info@allanimated.co.uk.

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