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Kim Emson - I bring things to life that don't usually move...

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Yes I can! You can have just me, or you can have me and my laptop capture software. I often work with animation companies or production companies in this way.
Yes I can, I can sort out the studio, set and equipment with my team here and deliver High-Quality video with audio. Some production companies like to work this way, as they look after the client and take away a few headaches, however, some have me as a freelancer.
No problem, I’m a small adaptable business! After finding out more about you and helping you work out what we could communicate, using my creative toolkit, I can present three possible ideas for you to choose from.
Yes, of course, let's meet up and chat about the possibilities!
Check out our packages coming soon.
Once I know how long the animation needs to be, what is desired, then I can work out how long it will take me, and what equipment is required. I can send you a cost breakdown showing you all the different costs associated. Things that make it more expensive is the length of animation required, and the number of puppets required- which is why working with food and retail works so well!
I can look after those requirements too.
I can look after those requirements too.
I have a tiny studio great for testing, and I hire studios as and when projects require it.
I have selected partners for this.
I have selected partners for library music, or you can have bespoke composed music from selected partner composers.
The shorter the better- let's make a set of a few short 10 second animations!! Awesome!!

Work with me

Bring Products To Life

For consumer-facing brands, whether that be food, clothes or makeup & more.

Animate Puppets

Some brands use stop motion puppetry to bring their concept to life.

Work Freelance

For agencies and production companies.

About Me

I am about to celebrate 12 years in stop motion animation, I cut my teeth on much loved pre-school children’s programs, such as Bob the builder, and OOglies.

Now, I love the creativity and variety of projects that Seconds That Count provides for our clients. I enjoy creative problem solving and bringing character to inanimate objects. I’m available as a freelancer and also am able to do full service projects- with my freelance team and industry contacts.