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Kim Emson - I bring things to life that don't usually move...

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Yes I can! You can have just me, or you can have me and my laptop capture software. I often work with animation companies or production companies in this way.
Yes I can, I can sort out the studio, set and equipment with my team here and deliver High-Quality video with audio. Some production companies like to work this way, as they look after the client and the audio, however, some hire me as a freelancer.
No problem! You know the brand, and the customer avatar, together we can develop the creative.
Yes, of course, let's meet up and chat about the possibilities!
Studio rate is £1,000 a day. Check out our points system coming soon.
Once I know how long the animation needs to be, then I can work out how long it will take me. Things that make it more expensive is the complexity and  number of puppets/models/scenes required- which is why working with food and retail works so well!
I can look after those requirements too.
I can look after those requirements too.
I have a tiny studio great for testing, and for some small products and projects and I hire studios as and when projects require it.
I have selected partners for this.
I have selected partners for library music, or you can have bespoke composed music from selected partner composers.
The shorter the better- let's make a set of a few short 10 second animations!! Awesome!!

Work with me

Short Social Video

Creatively collaborating with you for your FMCG clients, bringing their products to life, whether that be food, clothes or cosmetics. From concept to delivery if need be.

Tell your clients story

Tell your clients story using stop motion puppets and models. Perfect for ethical and wholesome stories behind the brand. I can help you tell the story in the most interesting way.

Work Freelance

For agencies and production companies.

About Me

I am about to celebrate 12 years in stop motion animation, I cut my teeth on much loved pre-school children’s programs, such as Bob the builder, and OOglies.

Now, I love the creativity and variety of projects that Seconds That Count provides for our clients. I enjoy creative problem solving and bringing character to inanimate objects. I’m available as a freelancer and also am able to do full service projects at our studio base and with my freelance team and industry contacts.